TheSite admins have given the facility to change the SBU's Verticals and Departments. To open the page user has to go to "SBU/Ver" link on the user menu:

The Page would appear like this as given below:

The Heirarchy shows here List of SBU's their respective Verticals and units.

To Add New SBU user has to click on add button and following screen will appear:

To Modify or delete the SBU's, User has to select SBU form the drop down and can click on the buttons to modify or delete as shown in the below image:

Once New SBU is added user has to input Vertical's or can modify existing SBU's verticals. By clicking on Vertical pane will get open as shown in the figure:

User has to click on Add button to add new vertical as shown in following figure, user has to select under which SBU this vertical shouls get displayed:

To modify or to Delete the Vertical form particular heirarchy, user has to select Vertical and has to click on the respective buttons to proceed the action.

Similary, to edit unit, user has to click on unit to view the unit pane. The figure below shows the pane diplayed for unit after clciking on unit:

To add new unit user can click on add button and following screen would be displayed, here user has to define under which SBU and Vertical unit needs to be displayed:

To modify or delete the unit from dropdown and has to select respective buttons for action. This appear on screen as follows: